DIY Bead Clusters

These pearl clusters are irresistibly luxe and lovely, yet surprisingly easy to make. I scooped up freshwater pearl beads and crystals in a variety of gold, blush and lavender hues for a warm glow of rose gold. The colors came together beautifully and I couldn’t be happier with how my pretty pearl clusters turned out – I only wish that my camera could do them the justice of capturing just how elegant they look in person.


  • Freshwater Pearl Clusters
  • Freshwater Pearl Beads
  • Crystal Beads
  • Copper Wire (28 Gauge)
  • Needle-Nose Pliers


Step One:

Cut a piece of wire approximately 9 inches long and string it through one of the pearl clusters. Pull until the cluster is in the center of the wire and then cross the wire over the back and through the cluster again to hold it in place.


Step Two:

Create the leaves by adding one bead or pearl at a time and working from the cluster outwards. Thread the first bead onto one side of the wire and pull it down until it is approximately ½” inch from the pearl cluster. Bend the wire so it forms a ‘U’ shape. Hold the wire in place with your pliers and twist. Continue twisting until the bead is held tightly in place.


Bend the wire at the base of the twist so it forms a ‘V’ shape and add a second bead approximately 1” from the base of the ‘V.’ Twist and repeat, alternating randomly between pearls, beads and spacing. Bend the stems as needed to reposition your bead stems. Continue building on your ‘leaves’ until you are happy with how it looks. Repeat for the other side of the pearl cluster. Tip: If you run out of wire you can add more by attaching it directly to the bead cluster again or by attaching it to one of the twisted wires.


And there you have it – pretty little pearl clusters to fancy up your day or anything you put them on! To find out how I turned these into a trio of bridal hair pins, pop on over to my tutorial on BuzzFeed.




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