DIY Floating Paper Flower Wreaths

Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes


Last month I worked on a really fun project for a Green Wedding Shoes + West Elm collaboration – I was one of four contributors that were given the challenge of coming up with a DIY wedding project using West Elm’s Spring collection of paper flowers. All of the contributors definitely met the challenge head on and came up with some really great projects! If you haven’t seen them yet, they are all definitely pin-worthy…. and while you are over there enter West Elm’s giveaway for a dozen of paper flowers plus the vessel of your choice!


I came up with a lot of different ideas for the paper flowers (there are so many ways to use them!), but decided to weave the stems together to create rose wreaths that appeared to float around vases. I thought it would be fun for you to see the brainstorming sketch that I put together next to the end result -  I love when my vision comes to life the way I imagine it!


By the way, all of the gorgeous photos are courtesy of Dana Grant Photography. Dana is not only an insanely talented photographer (she photographed my wedding five years ago!), she is a fabulous person with a beautiful outlook on life. Follow her on Facebook and after a few posts you will see why she is so beloved!


The roses were so easy to work with and I was even able to re-use the twine from the packaging that the roses arrived in to hold the flowers in place! West Elm put together a post with tips, some of the other ways I used the roses, and details on how to ‘shop this look’ that you can read about here. And for details on how to construct the wreaths… keep reading on my lovelies!



Step One: Create the wreaths

I wanted to bring in more gold accents, so I added detail to the leaves of the roses before crafting the wreaths. To create the same effect, use a gold pen (mine was a Krylon 18KT Gold Leafing Pen) to draw a line down the center of each leaf and several lines on both sides of it. Repeat for each leaf.
To make the wreath, bend the stem of a rose to form a half-circle and repeat for a second rose. Place them together to form a full circle, allowing their stems to overlap at least half an inch. Bend the flower potion of the stem 90 degrees so it faces out from the circle. Use the twine that you placed aside from the packaging to lash the stems together where they overlap. Repeat these steps to create at least two more wreaths.

Step Two: create the stands

Next you are going to create the legs for the wreaths so that your roses can ‘float’ above the table. I created two different types of stands – one with five straight legs and one with two ‘X’-shaped legs. To create the ‘X’-shaped legs, space four roses equal distance from each other along the inside edge of one wreath, lashing each in place with twine approximately two inches below the base of each flower. To create the straight-legged stand, add one or two more roses for support and leave them standing straight.


Step Three: Add more Roses!

Now that you have the base stand created you can add more roses to it. Place the second wreath a couple of inches below the first and lash into place (or place it right up against the first one if you want your rose grouped more tightly). Repeat for the third wreath. To finish the stand, pull two of the rose stems together and cross them to form an ‘X’ and lash them with twine to hold the shape. Repeat with the other two rose stems. The rose portions that belong the legs should be standing straight up from the top wreath – bend them down so they are in line with the other roses. Bend the leafs of all of the roses so the gold lines face outward and so that a few gently curve away from the wreath, following the shape of your vase.


TIP: If you would like your floating rose wreath to look more full, you can easily add more roses by weaving them into the other stems.




If you like these wreaths, don’t forget to check out the other ways I used the paper roses over on West Elm’s blog!


Photo credits: Dana Grant Photography

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, but all of the materials pictured were items that I chose and that were provided courtesy of West Elm.




  1. Judy Renfroe says:

    These are so lovely and refreshing. I wish I’d had them for Easter. I had the whole family (including in-laws) for dinner and Easter egg hunt. This would have been perfect for my table outside. Maybe I could have added some plastic eggs or some other Easter embellishment to make it more Easter oriented. Again, thanks for this lovely idea.

    Judy Renfroe

    • Christy | One Handspun Day says:

      Judy- I think you are on to something. These would be beautiful as part of an Easter table setting! I can imagine them with a few wooden eggs or rabbits painted in gold. Thanks for sharing your idea :)

  2. I just saw these at The Cottage market. They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing them with us :)

  3. LUZ BELLO says:

    Thanks for sharing your creativity . So gorgeous and pretty.
    Luz Bello


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