DIY String Name Cards

DIY Wedding String Name Card Sign

Photo credit: Stephanie Godfrey Photography


Hello my lovelies! I know it has been quiet over here lately and that is because we have a lot of very exciting things in the works – we can’t share just yet, but are bursting at the seams and cannot wait to fill you in on all the fabulous handspun happenings. In the meantime, we have a lovely project to keep those crafty little fingers of yours busy!┬áThese pretty little rope string name cards were featured on the Wedding Chicks last month and received so much love that we wanted to share with you how we made them! Your Facebook votes were definitely in favor of this DIY, so I am excited to share it with you today. If you would like to chime in and choose which tutorials we put together, then join us on Facebook!


One of my favorite things about these precious little handspun details is that they are made with wire, so they are very easy to make. And there are so many fun ways to use them once they are done ~ you can make them stand upright, hang them from the backs of chairs, or even place them so they appear to float up! Let’s get started…






Step One: Shape the wire into words

Shape the vine covered wire into the the letter ‘M’ and continue forming each letter, moving left to right just as though you are writing in cursive. You can do this freehand or ‘trace’ over the letters in our template (our “MR” & “MRS” is available as a free template and can be downloaded here). Use your fingers to bend the wire into shape – it does not take much force to bend.


Tip: To create sharp turns or straight sides for your letters use needle nose pliers to hold the wire in place and bend the wire against the edge of the pliers. When creating the “M” twist the legs of the ‘M’ a few times so the shape of the letter stays together (this also works for other letters that have sections that double back on themselves).



Step Two: Paint!

Now that your vine covered wire is fully formed into a word, you can embellish it with paint. I wanted a ‘dipped’ look for my signs so I only painted the bottom portions of my “MR” and “MRS.” You could paint yours in several colors, create an ombre effect, add a pattern such as polka dots, or even use metallics for a completely different look. Have fun with it and let me know if you make some of your own!


Photo credit: Stephanie Godfrey Photography


And there you have it ~ your very own handspun string name cards. To see how mine were used in the James & the Giant Peach styled shoot feature, pop on over to the Wedding Chicks to see the full gallery of images!



  1. Desiree callistini says:

    Fantastic idea and very creative! Easy enough for kids

    • Christy | One Handspun Day says:

      Thanks Desiree! This would be a great kids project and the wire is easy enough for little fingers to shape.

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