DIY Polka Dot Veil

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Hello lovelies! Does anyone here share my love of polka dots? In my book, anything that has a collection of dots on it jumps about five points in fabulousness. Toss them in a wedding and it’s an instant pop of whimsy and fun! And what better way to do that than to put them on a veil? It’s cute and it colors your world in polka dots when you wear it!


My full tutorial for an easy DIY polka dot veil is on Green Wedding Shoes today, so pop on over and leave some comment love there! This project is so easy and does not require any fancy sewing skills. Pinky promise. My handling of a needle and thread is enough to make anyone nervous and I managed to get through this project with only two finger pricks (ok, so I may have also accidentally caught part of my skirt into one of the stitches, but that doesn’t really count now does it?). Hurry on over and while you are there check out the wedding inspiration board Jen posted this morning in all of its polka dotted glory!



DIY Stamped Napkins

DIY Stamped Linen Napkins

DIY Stamped Linen Napkins


I have a fun new tutorial featured on Green Wedding Shoes today! Pop on over for the full tutorial…. you may find that you recognize the napkins from here.


What type of design would you stamp onto linen napkins?

DIY No-Sew Linen Napkins


Is there anything lovelier than fresh linen napkins adorning the plates of your dinner guests? We think not, especially when you can make them yourself and don’t even need to pull out the sewing machine. That’s right, my pretty little handspun crafters – you do not have to thread a single needle or pull out any pesky thimbles to make these linen napkins! Oh, and did I mention they have mitered corners?!? [for the non-sewers out there, that's fancy talk for clean 45 degree corners].


That being said, they are an absolute breeze to make. Seriously. And I would recommend making a batch pronto because you will need them for another tutorial I have coming up in the next month. It will be all kinds of fun and is also quite easy, so get a jump on it and invite over your favorite gal pals for a ladies night of napkin DIY-ing.



Makes six 20″ napkins

Step 1:  Cut the fabric into 20.5″ squares

Lay your fabric out on a flat surface and if it looks a bit on the wrinkly side then you might want to iron it first so it will be easier to cut accurately to size. [Note: If you need an idea as to what 'a bit wrinkly' means then just look at the lovely photo above - it is a wonderful example of what more than 'a bit wrinkly' looks like. I did that for illustration purposes and not at all because I was impatient to make my napkins...]  Use your ruler to measure out 20.5″ squares. You can also choose a smaller size if you want your fabric to go farther, for example 16″ or 18″ square napkins (which would give you 12 or 9 napkins, respectively). If you choose to make a different size, don’t forget to add 1/4″ to each side for the hem (ex. 16″ napkins would be cut to 16.5″ x 16.5″).

A tip for cutting perfect squares:

In order to create a perfect square, measure and cut two of the adjoining sides. Grasp the corner you just created and pull it over the rest of your fabric to fold it into a triangle shape. Now cut the other two sides using these edges as a guide.


Step 2:  Use Steam-A-Seam to fold up corners

Cut the Steam-A-Seam tape into small strips and place one on each corner of your napkin, sticky side down. Use the gray dotted line in the “Step 2″ photo as a general guide when placing your strips. Remove the wax paper, fold the corner at the bottom edge of your strip and press down onto the tape to create a small triangle. Use your iron to activate the adhesive on the strip by pressing down for approximately 10 seconds (check the directions on your Steam-A-Seam product for exact time recommendations).


Step 3:  Finish hems with Steam-A-Seam

Once all of your corners are finished, place a strip of Steam-A-Seam along the edge of your napkin. Fold up to create a 1/4″ hem (the same size as your tape, so just use that as a guide) and press with an iron to seal as you did with the corners. The edge of your hem should roughly line up with the gray dotted lines shown in the “Step 3″ photo (a closeup of this is pictured in the circle photo). If you strive for perfection then you can get a more pristine edge by folding up your hems and ironing them before you apply the Steam-A-Seam. Then just tuck the tape into the fold and iron to seal the adhesive. Repeat this step for the rest of the sides of your napkin.



And that’s it! You now have pretty mitered corner linen napkins to admire, use, or flaunt as you please! Be sure to put them out for your next soiree and brag about how you are such a fabulous seamstress that your stitches are not even visible. Or you could just tie them up with pretty ribbons or slip on a sequined napkin ring to let them shine quietly, but beautifully.



So, what do you think? Do they seem easy enough to give them a try for yourself?

A Handspun Cake Stand

 DIY Thrifted Owl Cake Stand 


An owl, a pie pan and a touch of inspiration from these Anthropologie candlesticks brought this quirky little cake stand into my home. The end result may look like a labor of love, but it was actually easy as pie! Want to know how you can make your own DIY handspun cake stand from thrifted finds or knick knacks from your home? Visit Green Wedding Shoes for my full tutorial… and kindly leave a comment over there to show your support.


In case you have missed my other DIYs over on Green Wedding Shoes, you can pop on over and see them here and here… and more handspun lovelies will be making their debut every month!


What else would you use to make a cake stand? Have any fun items on your shelves that are calling to you?


Spring has sprung… A Giveaway!

giveaway free wedding invitation printables


The lovely ladies of Utterly Engaged Magazine are giving away our “Pick a Pair of Speckled Feathers” collection!

 Sashay your pretty little self over to their blog and leave a comment to enter! And you don’t have to be a bride to win… in celebration of our “Painted Little Finds” feature in this month’s Utterly Engaged Magazine {look on page 18!}, we will customize our printables any way the winner desires! That means these pretties can make their debut at your next birthday party, bridal shower, or any other event you would like.


One lucky winner will be announced on Monday April 30th and will win a set of printables from our “Pick a Pair of Speckled Feathers” collection: InvitationRSVPPatterned PaperName CardThank You Card… and we are throwing in a yard of organic cotton knit fabric that matches the patterned paper!


Leave a comment here to enter, and be sure to earn an 3 extra entries by leaving additional comments if you follow One Handspun Day on Facebook or Twitter or if you tweet about this giveaway!

What would you do with your printables if you won?


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