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>> Customization <<


~ Can I change the color of the text?

Yes, the color of text may be changed free of charge! Either select colors directly from those used in the design you are ordering or send us a sample of the color you would like. We are also happy to work with you to develop a color combination that works best for your wedding (inspiration/mood boards, Pinterest boards, and photo clippings are all great ways for you to share your vision with us).


~ Can I change the font?

Yes, you may change the font for a fee of $20 per product by selecting a font from our list of available fonts.  Contact us to request a copy of our available fonts. Once you have chosen a font, indicate the name of the font you would like in the ‘special message’ of the order form section when you place your order.


~ Can I change the wording in any of the printables?

Most of the wording you see on our products can be changed, but there are a few select words that are actually part of the artwork and therefore are unable to be changed. However, each of our products is different, so please contact us with your requested change and the name of the product and we will let you know what changes can be made.

Note: If you order a Print-It Printable then you will be asked to provide your own wording for the sections of text that can be customized for the product you selected. If you order a Template Printable then you will be able to type in your own wording for the product you order.


~ Can I request changes to the designs?

All of the designs you see in our shop are based on art that was painted or illustrated by artists exclusively for One Handspun Day. For this reason, many of the elements in our designs cannot be changed or altered. However, we would like to help you and each of our products is different, so please contact us with your requested change and we will let you know what changes we may be able to make.


~ Can I order custom products (ex. signs, postcards, bunting, CD labels, banners, etc) to match your collections?

Yes! We are able to create custom products for you using the artwork shown in the collection you would like to order from. Contact us for a custom quote for the type of product you are interested in.


~ Can I request a change to the dimensions of a product?

Yes, you may change the size of most of our products for a fee of $30 per product. Contact us with your request so we can make sure the size you would like will work for the design you have chosen.



>> Ordering <<

~ When will I receive my order?

If you order a Print-It Printable, your proof will be available within five (5) business days from the time you place your order. Once you approve the proof you will receive your final Print-It Printable within three (3) business days.

If you order a Template Printable, you will receive a download link as soon as you finish checking out. The link will also be sent to you via email, so please save it in a safe place.


~ Can I order a sample?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products, we are not able to provide samples for each of our products. However, if you would like to get a sense for how your printable will look when printed you can download and print our sampler. Our sampler shows you the size of the invitation and has a design element from each of our collections so you can see how the colors will turn out when using your printer.



>> Printing <<

~ What type of paper should I use to print my printables?

All of our printables are formatted to print on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. For best results print your design on a heavier paper (at least 80lb) such as card stock or cover paper. Once you have purchased your printables you can print them as many times as you like, so have some fun and experiment with different paper weights, textures and colors to find the one that you like best!


~ Can I really use my home printer to print my invitations?

Yes! In fact, all of the printables shown on our website were printed using a home printer (and ours is far from fancy!). For best results, make sure your ink cartridges are full and you have adjusted your printer to print at its highest quality setting.


~ How do I print on non-paper materials such as wood or fabric?

There are many ways you can print on other materials, some of which we will be posting instructions for very soon! If you prefer, you can also send your printable design to a specialty printing shop that specializes in printing on the material you desire (there are many online options!). We have partnered with Night Owl Paper Goods to bring you beautiful wood printed options for our printables. Contact us for details on how to place an order for products printed on wood.


~ Why are the colors on my printable different when I print them from what I see on my computer screen? 

There are several factors that may be affecting the difference in colors you may see. To make sure your printer colors are accurate double check that all of your printer settings and the ink levels in your cartridges are correct. The colors you see may also vary because different computer screens vary in how they display color, so make sure your screen is properly calibrated for more accurate color viewing. Colors shown in the shop may also appear different from actual colors due the photography process each of the products undergoes (cameras typically interpret color somewhat differently).


~ Why are there grey lines around the design when I print out my design?

The grey lines are tick marks that indicate where to trim. All of our printables are formatted to fit on 8.5” x11” paper so they are faster and easier to print (no adjustments to your printer tray are needed to fit that 3×5 piece of paper!). Once they are printed, all you have to do is cut them out using the trim marks. We prefer to use a paper cutter, but a ruler and a cutting tool (such as an x-acto knife) works as well! If you prefer not to do the cutting yourself, you can take your printables to a professional printer such as FedEx Office to be cut professionally.


~ How many times can I download my printables after I purchase them?

When you purchase your Template Printables you will be given a link to the download. Each Template Printable can be downloaded three (3) times before the link is deactivated. Make sure to save the download to your computer so you can continue to access the file. When you purchase your Print-It Printables you will be emailed the file, so you will always be able to access the original file to download it through your email (assuming you don’t delete that email!).


>> Returns, Exchanges & Other Policies <<

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